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Funeral Industry Trends Report

Published 2023

Download here:  2023 Funeral Industry Trends Report 

Last year in New Zealand more than 38,000 families began the journey of farewelling their loved one.

As society has changed, and particularly with the recent Covid-19 experience, the nature of those farewells is also changing, and so too is the workforce that supports them.

This report explores the nature of the funeral industry today and the demographic and macro societal trends that will continue to drive change.

It summarises the available research into why having a funeral matters and offers thoughts into potential future trends in funeral practice.

The insights in the report include statistical information similar to information gathered in a 2016 industry report. It adds information gathered from the members of the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand and also references reports and articles based on a limited literature search including research quoted in recent Australia Funeral Directors Association and BARE commissioned research.

The Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand is pleased to share this report with the industry and wider stakeholders. We trust it will make a continued contribution to this essential, but sometimes overlooked part of New Zealand society.