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A New Zealand where meaningful farewells and the Funeral Directors Association members who provide them are valued as an essential part of healthy grieving


  • To represent, lead and advocate for our members in quality through standards and education.

  • To provide our members with relevant support and information.

  • To promote awareness of the value and the assurance of a meaningful farewell provided by our members.


Funeral Directors Association Values

Members of the Funeral Directors Association are guided by the following values: 

We are mindful of what others are facing and act in such a way as to demonstrate our care and concern for them. We will use all our experience and wisdom to improve their condition as far as we reasonably can.

We are honest and authentic in all we say to each other and act with transparency in all we do so that our words and actions can be trusted and relied upon.

We treat others in the way that we would wish to be treated and regard what they say to be authentic and genuine. We recognise that others may have opinions, traditions or other characteristics that are different from our own and we will not let them be a barrier to working with them.


Specifically, members and their employees , through membership of the Association, have agreed to these Standards