Find a Funeral Director

Register of Funeral Directors

The Funeral Directors Association maintains a register of funeral directors who meet our qualifying criteria:

  1. Is a fit and proper person to be a registered funeral director
  2. Is employed by a firm which is currently a Member of the Association or an Affiliate Member Firm
  3. Has successfully attained a national qualification in Funeral Directing

In addition, funeral directors marked with an *asterix have been issued with a current Practising Certificate which shows they have completed ongoing professional development over the required period. Funeral Directors Association member funeral homes must have at least one funeral director with a Practising Certificate for full membership of the Association.

* Allen James Jason Morrison Funeral Services Warkworth
* Anderson Megan Gee & Hickton   Lower Hutt
Anderson Kevin Anderson Funeral Services Foxton
* Andrews Christopher Jones and Company Funeral Services  Tauranga
* Andrews Nina Simplicity Funerals, Christchurch Christchurch
* Aro Mike Vospers Funeral Directors New Plymouth
* Babington Andrea Simplicity Funerals  Nelson
* Beauchamp Anthony Beauchamp Funeral Home  Palmerston North
* Beckett Belinda Gee and Hickton Lower Hutt
  Bell Ian Bell, Lamb and Trotter Christchurch
* Benns Rachel Resthaven Funerals Auckland
* Bestwick Ray Waterson Funeral Services Matamata
* Bisset Callum Campbell and Sons Funeral Services Mosgiel
* Black Alistair Bay Cremation Care Tauranga
* Botherway Geoffrey Harbour City Funeral Home  Wellington
  Brackenbury-Gray Edward Gee and Hickton  Lower Hutt 
* Breen Lisa Campbell & Sons Funeral Services Mosgiel
* Brown Chelsea John Rhind Funeral Directors Levin
* Buckingham Lee Gillions Funeral Services Dunedin
* Buckley David Cloudy Bay Funeral Services Blenheim
* Butler Steven Willetts Funeral Services Whakatane
* Campbell Clark Campbell & Sons Funeral Services Mosgiel
  Campbell Lea Whitestone Funerals Oamaru
* Capill David Lamb & Hayward Christchurch
* Catran Adrian Twentymans Funeral Services  Thames
Catran Julie Twentymans Funeral Services  Thames
* Carey Ross Robert J. Cotton Funeral Directors Palmerston North
* Chapman Marissa Grahams Funerals Franklin
  Charles Maz Rosewood Funeral Home Wairarapa
  Cleavin Chaim Hope and Sons  Dunedin
* Cleveland Craig Cleveland Funeral Home Wanganui
* Cleveland Laura Cleveland Funeral Home Wanganui
* Coll-Dwyer Denise Westland Funeral Services Greymouth
* Cotton Hayden Robert J. Cotton Funeral Directors Palmerston North
* Cotton Shane William Cotton & Sons Feilding
* Cox Jacqueline Vospers Funeral Directors New Plymouth
* Crothers Rachael J. Fraser & Sons Invercargill
* Crozier Murray Academy Funeral Services Christchurch
* Cullingford Jeanette Forrest Funeral Services  Auckland
* Dacombe Lloyd Waikanae Funeral Home Wellington
* Davies Glenn The Lychway Funeral Directors Palmerston North
* Dawson Karen Woolertons' Funeral Home, Hamilton Hamilton
* De Groot Johannes Osbornes Funeral Directors Rotorua
* Dew David Rosewood Funeral Home Masterton
* Dil Stephen Dil's Funeral Services  Auckland
* Donaldson Julian Betts Funeral Services Timaru
  Dormer Shane Davis Funeral Services  Auckland 
* Douglas-Withers Hugh John Rhind Funeral Directors Christchurch
* Downey Wade Dil's Funeral Services  Auckland
* Duncan John John Rhind Funeral Directors  Christchurch
* Dunn James Auckland Memorial Park & Cemetery Ltd Auckland
* Dunstall Paul Dunstalls Funeral Services Napier
* Dunstall Katherine Dunstalls Funeral Services Napier
Dunweg Jarrod Watersons Funeral Services  Matamata
* Eagar-Savage William Pellows Funeral Directors Hamilton
* Edlington David Dil's Funeral Services Auckland
* Edwards Nigel Avenal Park Funeral Home Invercargill
* Fitzsimmons Anne Lamb & Hayward Christchurch
* Forrest James Dempsey & Forrest Wanganui
* Francis Warwick Legacy Funerals Tauranga
* Fraser Wilson J. Fraser & Sons Invercargill
* Fraser David Winton & Districts Funeral Services Auckland
* Friend Tracey Tararua Funerals Dannevirke
* Friis Darin Legacy Funerals  Tauranga
* Fullard Richard Osbornes Funeral Directors Rotorua
* Fuller Heather Lamb and Hayward Christchurch
* Gard Rose Whitestone Funerals Oamaru
* Garing Tony John Rhind Funeral Directors  Christchurch
* Gedge Neil Elliotts Funeral Services  Tauranga
* Gee Barry Harbour City Funeral Home Wellington
* Georgeson Kirsty Guardian Funeral Home  Wellington
* Gibson Jonathan Legacy Funerals  Hamilton
* Giddens Peter Richmond Funeral Home Carterton
* Gillions Keith Gillions Funeral Services Dunedin
* Gilmore Paul Jones and Company Funeral Services Tauranga
* Glanville Mark John Rhind Funeral Directors  Christchurch
* Goddin Jim Grinter's Funeral Home Hamilton
* Goss Jordan Legacy Funerals Hamilton
Gower Todd Collingwood Funeral Home    Rotorua
* Grant Glenys John Rhind Funeral Directors  Christchurch
* Guthrie-Oehlinger Claudia Morris and Morris, Dargaville Northland
* Gray Aaron Davis Funeral Services  Auckland
* Gwillim John Morris & Morris Ltd  Whangarei
* Hanley Sharron Macdonald and Weston Funeral Home Invercargill
* Harding Malcolm Hardings Funerals Hawera
* Harvey Jamie Simplicity Funerals  Christchurch
* Hayes Nichola Central Hawkes Bay Funeral Services Waipukurau
* Hayman Barry Paterson's Funeral Services Hamilton East
* Hayward Martin Leishman Funeral Services Balclutha
* Hebberd Alastair Shone & Shirley Funeral Directors Nelson
* Hill Michael Harvey Bowler Funeral Services Levin
* Hill Nicole Resthaven Funerals  Auckland
* Hockley Nicola Lamb & Hayward Christchurch
* Hodge Lynette Central Otago Funerals Alexandra
* Hoetjes Robert Hagedorn's Buller Funeral Services Westport
* Holmwood Barry Geoffrey T. Sowman Funeral Directors Blenheim
Holtz George Academy Funeral Services Christchurch
  Hunt Wendy Fountains Funeral Services  Auckland
* Hurst Kelvin Academy Funeral Services Christchurch
* Hyndman Jenna Gee & Hickton   Porirua
* Jacobsen Brenden Ninness Funeral Home Wellington
* Jagger Catherine Purewa Cemetery & Crematorium Auckland
* Jenkins Donna Hope and Sons  Dunedin
Jones Karen Twentymans Funeral Services  Thames
* Josephs Blair Richmond Funeral Home  Carterton
  Judd Andrew Harvey Bowler Funeral Services  Levin
* Judkins Kelly Hardings Funerals Hawera
  Kelleher Kevin Davis Funeral Services  Auckland 
* Kelly-Firth Leah Elliotts Funeral Services  Tauranga
* Kinvig Johanna Hope and Sons   Dunedin
* Lacombe-Post Ruth Harbour City Funeral Home Wellington
  Lalonde Dale Beauchamp Funeral Home  Palmerston North
* Langstraat Danny Harbour City Funeral Home  Lower Hutt 
* Legg Angharad Resthaven Funerals Auckland
* Leighs Tania Academy Funeral Services Christchurch
* Lim Swee Han Davis Funerals Auckland
* Little Debrah Forrest Funeral Services  Auckland
* Loach Anna-Louise Simplicity Funerals Nelson
* Lockington Charles South Waikato Funeral Services Tokoroa
  Longley Terry Terry Longley & Son Hawkes' Bay 
* MacDonald Erin Mountain View Funeral Services Rotorua
* MacPherson Hamish J. Fraser and Sons Invercargill
* Maffey Andrew Hope and Sons   Dunedin
* Malcolm Andrew Kapiti Coast Funeral Home Wellington
* Manning Simon Wellington & Otaki Natural Burials Auckland
* Manukonga Simon Waihi Funeral Services Waihi
* Manville Darrell I. C. Mark   Levin
* Mark Denis I. C. Mark   Levin
* Marsden Emily Beauchamp Funeral Home  Palmerston North
* Martin Casey Eagars Funerals New Plymouth
* Maxted Dean H Morris Funeral Services Auckland 
* McAneney Brad Guardian Funeral Home Wellington
* McGrath Jeremy Evans Funeral Services Gisborne
* McIntosh Kirstine Taupo Funeral Services Taupo
* McIntosh Barry Taupo Funeral Services Taupo
* McKinlay Callum Jason Morrison Funeral Services Warkworth
* McKinnon Eion Geraldine Funeral Services Ltd Geraldine
* Mehrtens Kirsty NZ Embalmers Association New Plymouth
* Mehrtens Scott A Simple Cremation & Burials New Plymouth
* Millis Janice Affinity Funerals  Alexandra
* Milne Robert Wairarapa Funeral Services Masterton
* Morrison Jason Jason Morrison Funeral Services Warkworth
* Morton Irene Davis Funeral Services  Auckland
* Mossman Derek South Waikato Funeral Services Tokoroa
* Murnane Lorraine Morris & Morris Ltd  Whangarei
* Murphy Gavin Gee & Hickton    Lower Hutt
* Neame David Westland Funeral Services Greymouth
* Necklen Christine Valley Funeral Services  Paeroa
* New Phillip VJ Williams & Sons Te Kuiti
  Nickerson Gavin Evans Funeral Services Gisborne
  Nobelen William Ninness Funeral Home Wellington
* Noyer Danielle (Dani) Davis Funeral Home Auckland
* O'Brien Julie Howard & Gannon Funerals  Napier
  Orchard Graham Kapiti Funeral Home Kapiti
* Orr Dominic Lamb & Hayward Christchurch
* Osborne Samuel Osbornes Funeral Directors Rotorua
* Owen Linda Lamb & Hayward Christchurch
* Parker David Evans Funeral Services Gisborne
  Parkyn Justine Lamb and Hayward Christchurch
* Patterson Andrew Gee & Hickton    Lower Hutt
* Pearl Damara Simplicity Funerals Nelson
* Pearson Melanie Hope and Sons  Dunedin
* Peipi KR. JP Andrae William Cotton & Sons Feilding
* Pereira Elizabeth (Liz) Gee & Hickton Funeral Directors, Lower Hutt Lower Hutt
  Peterson Andrew Scotts Funeral Services Auckland
* Pickering Michael Pickering Funeral Services Wairoa
* Pigou Janice Cloudy Bay Funeral Services Blenheim
* Powell Michael Davis Funerals, Auckland Auckland
* Procter Graeme Rose City Funeral Home Palmerston North
* Proctor Raewyn Resthaven Funerals Auckland
* Pyers Lyndsay Shone & Shirley Funeral Directors  Nelson
* Ralph Jacqui Davis Funeral Services  Auckland
Reinsfield Mark James R. Hill Funeral Directors Hamilton
* Rippon Eva Harbour City Funeral Home Wellington
  Robinson Peter Pickering Funeral Services Wairoa
* Rogers Glenn South Taranaki Funeral Services Hawera
  Rowland Nigel The Wilson Funeral Home Wellington
* Ryan Terence Geoffrey T. Sowman Funeral Directors Blenheim
* Shaw Bradley Gateway Funeral Services  Whakatane
  Shaw Steve Tony & Peryer Hawkes' Bay
* Sinclair Robert Croft Funeral Home Lower Hutt
* Snookes Sarah VJ Williams & Sons  Te Kuiti
* Stephen Heather Central Otago Funerals  Alexandra
* Stephen Graham Central Otago Funerals Alexandra
* Stott Brian Morrisons Funerals  Auckland
* Tatupu Ese Ese Tatupu Funeral Directors Auckland
* Taylor Michelle John Rhind Funeral Directors  Christchurch
* Taylor Dean Rowley Funerals Wellington
  Third Nicola Hope and Sons  Dunedin
* Thompson Wayne Thompson Funeral Directors Hokitika
  Todd Adam Osbornes Funeral Directors Rotorua
* Turnbull David Morrisons Funerals Auckland
* Walker Anthea Harbour City Funeral Home  Wellington
  Walker Stephen Rosewood Funeral Home Masterton
  Walker Alan Cloudy Bay Funeral Services Blenheim
* Walton Sean Richmond Funeral Home  Carterton
  Watson Lily besoul Funerals Warkworth
* Weber Dean Gateway Funeral Services  Whakatane
  Weston Campbell Campbell and Sons Funeral Services Mosgiel
* White Donna Avenal Park Funeral Home Invercargill
* Williams Martin Davis Funerals  Auckland
* Williams Garth Te Awamutu Funeral Services Te Awamutu
  Williams Roz Davis Funeral Services  Auckland
* Wills Bruce Elliotts Funeral Services  Tauranga
* Wilson Shelley Aoraki Funeral Services  Timaru
* Wilson Craig Geraldine Funeral Services Geraldine
* Winch Yvonne Elliotts Funeral Services  Tauranga
  Winton Roy Hope and Sons  Dunedin
* Wolffram Anna Wairarapa Funeral Services Masterton
* Woolerton Philip Woolertons' Funeral Home Hamilton
* Woolerton Erin Woolertons' Funeral Home Hamilton
  Wybrow Gary Affinity Funerals  Alexandra
* Young Heather Taupo Funeral Services Taupo
  Zhong Carina Auckland Funerals & Memorials Auckland
* Zweibruck Zane John Rhind Funeral Directors  Christchurch